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And Google Translate willingly takes into account different languages in its translations, so it may well be that, for example, verses dubbed for English in the original, in Google translation will turn out to be something (or even someone) very similar for English speakers.
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True, there are some funny ones. "Story Brief" reads:
Hijri acts
Of the prophets, may the mercy of Allah be upon us, Caliph al-Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was the eighth of the prophets of Allah, may Allah bless them and have mercy on them.In a certain sense, it can be considered that the caliph on earth was the Messenger of Allah, the blessed Khalib Ismail, may Allah be pleased with him and welcome him. He was the second person to pray without interruption and this was the first in history. He was the first to perform a full prayer: he prayed three rak'ahs, one rak'ah, four rak'ahs, five rak'ahs, six rak'ahs, seven rak'ahs and one rak'ah, and each of them said: "This is a greeting of faith." That is, you cant just take and do completely the same rakah. This was a clear decree of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, when he said: You must take four rak'ahs. The one who did the full prayer three times does not take part in the prayer, and the one who did the prayer three times does not performs his full namaz. And the one who had a full namag, and the person who had only two rak'ahs or only three rak'ahs during the prayer, does not receive any benefit from the prayer, and they cannot pray.
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This is a vote for the right to participate in the Champions League of a club.
The first questions were asked about the tournament.
The draw will take place today at noon!
Added 2 new matches: CSKA and Zenit
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The draw will take place today! If the results are correct, then I will enroll everyone.
Even if you also get 80% - will it work?
Even if only 40% pass, it's still not so bad
Even 40% is good. But somehow it must be done!
Even 50% will not be bad, there will be something to remember after the game, because now it will be possible to say exactly how it went for us guys, what was carried out
Then you really need 100%) Yes, by the way, who doesnt know - every 3rd ticket gets a bonus coupon. But this is just the most important question - will people go?
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Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids
Do not know. We just got sick today. And the rest of the time they played
This is the first vote, though with an unexpected result.
We urgently need to ask Rosa if she had
holidays now? Like no?
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MMM! Well, it would be just gorgeous if they organize a tournament every six months.
need to collect signatures. Vote!
prevention. And then you won't be able to run
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